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 Targeted audience - Interested in Making Money Online!

 Affordable Prices - Shares Starting from $20!

 Fast Delivery - Campaigns Start in 3 Days and FULLY Delivered within 14 Days!

 Reliable Tech Support - We Always Respond Under 24 Hours!

 Money Back Guarantee - If You Don't Get the Promised Results!

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Most People's Biggest Challenge's...
Not Having Enough People Looking At your Opportunity!
Not Having A TON of Money Laying Around to 'Do' Marketing!
Not Knowing How To MARKET to DRIVE the TRAFFIC!
Not Knowing How to Explain Everything to Everyone...Not Having the TIME to Do So!

Problem Solved...t

Here's How It Works
Our marketing partner advertises all over the internet reaching out to people who are looking for an opportunity to MAKE MORE MONEY and possible a HOME-BASED BUSINESS that will allow them to get MORE out of life than what a JOB will offer.  Those people are then directed to the capture pages of those who have purchased traffic/clicks on a rotating basis.  The visitor will then have a choice to fill out the capture page form or not.  If they fill out your capture page, they will be added to your auto-responder for automated follow-up and you should then call them to say hello following the script below.

OUR CO-OP allows you to start receiving traffic to your capture page with a smaller out-of-pocket expense than it would be if you purchased an entire package for yourself.  Although, we DO, recommend you purchasing an entire package for yourself (to put the numbers MORE in YOUR favor), joining our co-op is better than doing nothing.  You NEED people seeing your opportunity and most do not have the time, nor the education required to make that happen...thus, our co-op.

We feel this is one of the BEST options for you because it takes NO TIME or EFFORT from YOU, to find the people who may be interested and then hopefully drive them to your capture page.  The ONLY time you will need to spend is the tiem to call them to say high, answer questions with your team leader on the phone and to enroll them.

Phone Script
Here's the phone script you can use to follow up with your leads.

Let's Place Your Order

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The only thing we can promise is that you will receive the desired TARGETED, OPPORTUNITY SEEKER TRAFFIC to you capture page.  However, we cannot auarantee they will fill out your capture page form, not can we guarantee they will put in any/all "real" contact information to make them a quality lead that you can follow up with.  In our experience you should see about 50% of the click you receive will fill out the form and about 80% of those will put in valid information.  This is normal when it comes to marketing so it is obviously best to order the MOST CLICKS you can with your marketing budget.  Like the old saying goes... "you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink".
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